Saturday, February 6, 2010

riding my baby!! (haha that's what she said!!)

so i went out to ride this morning and it was absolutely incredible to be back on my horse. i mean, i expected him to be horrible after all this time off, but he was far from it!! oh my god, i've missed riding so much, and i don't give my boy enought credit for being onyl FIVE and already a grand champion (from last year when he was FOUR!!! his first year showing, too!!) i'm so proud of him and i love him so much and i just wanted to tell all of oyu guys about that amazing expirience. none of you without and equestrian background will understand this, but those of you who have one will know what i am talking about exactly when i talk about the amazing feeling of being perfectly in sync with another being, and the empowering feeling of controlling one. it is so amaizng, and the high of being in that arena is incomprable. okay i sound like a douche right now, but still, i am just so happy with how this is all turning out. this is going to be a great year for us!!

~i love my boy~
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