Friday, February 12, 2010

The most depressing day of the year...

So... Valentines day. The most depressing day of the year for us singles, and the people like my mom, who's husbands army exactly the romantic type. So, to start my annual bout of valentinesday deporession, friendboy was waiting for my sister outside of her work with a dozen red roses. Sounds like something out of a movie, right?incredibly romantic for her, incredibly deppressing for me. So now here I am, listening to my extra deppressing lovey playlist and ready to burst into tears. It makes me want to cry not only because he did that for her, bur also that he's my age, and because none of the guys that I have a chance with would ever do something like that for me. And that's killing me. My mom told me "oh your time will come" and that brings our my huge phobia of being terminally alone. What if my time never does come?? What then?? The actual day of valentines day shouldn't be too bad cuz it's my brothers birthday, and my aunt and uncle and cousins are coming up, so I'll have a few distractions I guess. I'm going to watch a bunch of really romantic depressing movies, bawl my eyes out then go to sleep and hope life doesn't suck so much in the morning... like I'm ever that lucky.

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