Tuesday, February 16, 2010

good morning...

woke up at 4:20 today... comtemplating whether or not to work out... i don't really want to, nor do i have the energy to, but i really need to. and also if i do, than i have a better excuse for an eas vs. having just fruit again... blech. i mean, i like fruit but it's not as appealing to me as chocolate or carbs.... mhm, carbs:(... *sigh* i was also thinking about having strawberry yogurt (does that count as fruit? it's only 60 cals so it can be whatever i want it to...). writing this post has made me realize that i need to work out today, so i'm going to go do an easy, quick one then have yogurt and fruit for breakfast... blah to following the rules!!

btw you guys... i get my breaces off tommorow!!! yay!! be excited!!!!!


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