Monday, February 15, 2010

omg omg!! and frutarian dinner

omg you guys... twitter is down!!! hahaha i'm slowly becoming a twitter whore... well not so much becoming anymore. i guess i am one officialy now. i am officially addicted to twitter. and i only have like 16 followers right now. but what can i say...
so my frutarian dinner was some apple slices. pretty delish. i skipped lunch officially cuz i had my eas shake and did some cheating while i was baking today, but other than that i am pretty happy! i'm proud of myself for only eating as much as i did. *pat myself on back*. hahahaha i really need a jumprope. i'm sad cuz i though we had a bunch, but they are currently MIA, so now i can't do all the intense cardio that i need to :( i also like to type that out... idk why, so *sad face*. makes me sound like an even bigger twitter whore. hahaha ok that's it for now. off to search for a jumprope....

support my addiction!!

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