Tuesday, February 16, 2010


i'm catholic, and as today is fat tuesday (...), ash wednesday is tommorow, beginning lent (the 40 day, well actually 44 day cuz sundays don't count)prelude to the easter season. no don't quote me on this, cuz i'm not positive, but i'm pretty sure most christian denominations celebrate lent, and practice "giving something up for lent" correct me if i'm wrong. so i'm not trying to push my religion on you or anyhting like that, just explaining what i'm doing and why. we give up things for lent as a sign of reverence (i don't really know if that is the right word...) or respect (maybe) or just to suffer as Jesus did for 40 days when he was in the desert with nothing to eat or drink. us giving something up is basically us saying that we are going to suffer for 40 (44) days like He did. so, in my theme of fit, healthiness, all that shit, i am giving up desserts and trying to really throw myself into my commitment to eat healthy and work out. i am hoping that having this religious affiliation to my diet will work (it has to) and that i will be able to keep off the desserts after lent is over. i know that i am capable of doing the cuz i did it in 6th grade with a friend. my sister is doing it with me this year. i find that everything, but this in particular is easier when you do it with someone else. like my friend and i were able to "suffer" together and encourage each other. and like when we would get a treat in school or something, we would both mot be able to have it, vs. only one of us being left out... get it?
i am saying goodbye to desserts tonight, and i know gorging is bad and everything, but i ahve to et rid of all the shit in the house, so i'm eating brownies tonihgt and then probably bringing the rest of my cookies to school in the morning (wait, thursday cuz i'm not going to school tommorow!!). ya, so i am actually really excited for this!!! it is one thing that will really work, for sure. i am also adding into my lenten thing is no unessesary snacking (to kidna show me what people in other countries go through).
i am also aware that your act of lenten "fasting" i guess it's called, is supposed to benefit someone else in some way, but the only thing i can think of is that the world will benefit by having a more attractive person to look at. does that count? i'm still doing this, regardless. so i think that's it. here is a link to a video that will better explain the purpose (kinda) of lent and fasting and all that. i am not following this exactly ,just my own interpretation of it.
go check it out.
question time: what are you and your friends/family doing for lent?
if you are not christian, what do you believe in?
if you have any questions about lent or my faith in general, let me know.

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~only jesus~

you all know i'm getting my braces off tommorow (i'm physched!!!) so i'm definitely going to twitpic them and do before and afters and stuff, but i'll try to get them up on here, too!! check back often!!


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