Sunday, February 14, 2010

random update

i am basically only writing this because i've lost three (gasp!) followers today, presumably because i have been blowing up twitter with all my randomness. so now i'm writing a post. hahaha. so bowling with the family was fun, but i got a massive headache from the smokey smell. i forgot to wear nasty clothes, too, because our bowling alley at home is new and has never had any smoke in it, so that's the one we always go to. i woke up really sore today, like i couldn't move, but despite that, i worked out again today and it was amazing. ya. working out is good. hahaha. i'll probably feel like hell tommorow. oh well. i kinda like being sore though, cuz it means you are actually doing something and you can feel the effects of your efforts, you know? maybe it's just me, but i like the feeling. plust you can be like "ugh i'm so sore from working out" and it makes you sound all cool and healthy. maybe i'm the only one who sees the enjoyment of telling people that. oh well. also, i'm thinking of another name change for the blog, so give me your ideas for that! as you know from twitter, i'm all sad cuz i had to leave "valentine's day" cuz my friend go sick, so send me your links to watch online!! thanks. i'm also contemplating pulling an all night, which i think i will do know, just cuz i don't have school tommorow and it sounds fun. also, if i do the frutarian thing (just to try it out) do i have to eat ALL fruit, like that's it, or is it just MOSTLY fruit? can i still have my protein shakes? it seems like you'd need something besides just fruit to get other vitamins and shit. let me know health experts! i'm feeling my developing thigh muscles. they are coming along nicely:P is that weird?? this is one of my longest posts in a while. maybe then i'll be out of random thoughts for twitter. that was basically the only point of this post. ok. love you guys! oh, happy 7th birthday to my little brother, love you baby!! hahaha and happy valentine's day to everyone if i don't get back on here before midnight!! don't forget valentine's day links!!!
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