Monday, February 15, 2010

frutarian day 1- breakfast

for breakfast today i had one cup of seedless green grapes. one cup is actually a lot. for normal sized grapes it was about 50, so depending on the size of the grape, one cup is usually about 40-50 grapes. i'm also going to be doing the thing where you can basically eat whenever you're hungry, but you have to wait 30 minutes between meals or snacks. this is to make sure you are acutally still hungry, not just bored and snacking for something to do. as far as reaching this weeks goal by wednesday pound wise, probably not going to happen this week. i'm back up pretty heavy right now :( but i'm working out all the time, so it should get better... i hope. i am not any less motivated, so that's good. i think it will just take a little more time than i had hoped, but my three pound/week goal is still in place, so i'm hoping to get back on track with that. i think that's it as far a my frutarian-ness. also, you eat only fruit, if you were wondering, but you can have other stuff a little but, like for school i'd still have a sandwich so i don't look anorexic, but primarily fruit. it was really hard for me to leave my protein shake in the fridge, cuz i really wanted one, but i had to say no, so i'm proud of myself for that. ok, that's it for now. theoretically, i should also be more hydrated, because fruit has so much water in it, that's why there are so little calories, and i'm trying to drink more water as well, which will help to kick hunger a little. if you have any questions about any of this, e-mail, twitter, dm on twitter, message on youtube... you get it. there's plenty of ways to reach me.
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